Princess of Thieves was shown in 2001 on the Magical World of Disney. Keira plays Gwyn, the daughter of Robin Hood and Marion. To protect Gwyn from the enemies he has made, Robin places her in the care of Friar Tuck and sees very little of his daughter during her life. Now a teenager, Gwyn wishes to spend more time with her father and ride with his band. Her father adamantly refuses giving her gender as a reason. When he and Will Scarlett are captured however, Gwyn must disguise herself as a boy and figure out a plan to rescue them. Keira was only fifteen years-old during the 2000 filming, much to the disappointment of the male cast and crew. The director of the production knew he was taking a chance with such a young actress, but predicted Keira would become a huge star someday. Unless otherwise noted, images courtesy of The Offical Site and the RHS capper/scanning team.

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